From CA to Jamming: Lily Singh did it!

Do girls game seriously? They spite back if they lose one game. There is no else on earth who could take gaming seriously than them. Studying and accommodating your part-time job is a great privilege to grow and make money. Especially, as an intern you have so much to take home or to your next work. Lily Singh is an accounts student who wanted to pursue her CA post-graduation.

With the first two attempts in this exam, she couldn’t pass out. She loves logistics, analytical problem solving and boggle mind games. Upon her mother’s advice, Lily took a break for 6 months and decided she would do something different or go on a world trip. So that when she comes back with a better mind and attitude to tackle her third attempt well!

Mrs Singh is a single parent who raised her daughter Lily fairly well and with no discomfort. Lily is a dreamer and practical at the same time. She loves her mother before anything. She paid heed to the advice from her mother and took a break or two for 6 months and decided to do something different.

The gaming steps!

According to an online survey, those who were consistently playing online games or video games had optimum productivity in their work and study life. Besides, there are so many ways to make part-time income in life if one wanted to through online gaming.

The better option is to make the best use of your time where online gaming serves you money and experience. The 21-year-old Lily is far more interested in jamming, video games and online games. She used to keep herself engaged & in about a week she made more bonuses and earned rewards from Rummy games online.

In about a week, she made nothing less than 50,000 in Indian rupees and used it as her pocket money. She has an innate interest for jamming and performing alongside her band in restaurants.

The stormy night!

The Stormy Night!

Post jamming and while planning her next spot in the performance list, something hit her mind about her plans. She was least distracted by the weather that was gathering dust storm near the restaurant. Got into a taxi and she heads straight home into her room, she soon charted her plan for the next couple of weeks, like she figured her way out for life.

Career was never an issue for Lily as she had her graduation in place but her dream of pursuing CA seemed to be less of a priority in her mind now! Lily knew her responsibilities well besides having fun as she lost her father early in her life. Lily was more of entreprenerd by nature, taking the lead for jamming balancing home life with her mother. Occasionally, she would even be a part of the promotion for her band across colleges and outside.

Though this leisure time activity is seen as a time-wasting funda for many, it is unimaginably good as these online games are ethical, safe and morale-boosting in many ways. Lily Singh devoted a minimum of 4 hours or at least 3 games per day without a miss. She learnt quickly and participated in many games in the following weeks.

Logical thinking

Logical Thinking

Playing Rummy games online was a huge breakthrough for her secret mission that she hid from her mother. The objective of any game is to teach us to win. But it teaches how to learn from failure to failure as you will barely realize when you arrive at victory, the journey looks seamless.

Play Rummy Online

To keep her objective in the place she used to often play chess, as a means of learning tricks and logical moves. She was already a pro at it because she started playing online chess games since she passed out of her 10th grade. That is a good number of years for a player.

This is where she picked up her desire to compete in a tough exam like CA and have enough money to live her dreams. Soon, she started to understand CA was merely a charted route for her to make money and that is how that one stormy night changed the whole game for her.

The Jamming!

Her band and she raised money for the DOG NGO’s that needed endless payment because of the number of stray dogs these units sheltered. Don’t worry her pocket money was in place as she banked on online Rummy for most of the time.

It was easy and natural for Lily to grasp these online games as the biggest advantage of online gaming like chess and Rummy is you always gain vivid experience with each player because you’re not accustomed to playing with them. Besides, you also get real-time money as games such as Rummy and poker games are highly backed up insurance thus are safe and reliable.

The exposure!

The Exposure

It was not until the big win the tournament games she exposed her friends to these online games like Rummy and poker. She merely won close to 3 lakhs in a tournament. This bridged hope for her secret mission that he had in mind.

In chess, whether you proactively want to plot winning positions or defending yourselves of difficult positions, it requires a small amount of tactical understanding. The same is with the Rummy and online poker games.

Lily’s friend soon collaborated with her idea of establishing an inhouse agency that could raise funds for the needy and stray animals with spending their pocket money, without availing a loan. All this through the money they assembled with online gaming.


Soon, the secret was out and her mother was not quite happy with the plan as Mrs Singh has always been careful with money whenever she thought about her daughter, Lily.

The gaming spirit & passion jamming!

Lily started experimenting with new jammers, collaborating and expanding her business unit to make the best use of resources to raise money for NGOs. Dancing & singing her heart out to the bathroom and while dining, there was no stopping her. She lived her dream day and night practising and working towards it.

She made her mother learn online games like Rummy and there were no complaints from her mother thereafter. Her mother became a pro after a certain point.

Lily knew if things didn’t work out with her agency plan initially, she needed her backup finance plan. She was not a specialized business acumen but was good at planning, maintaining and resourcing her inhouse agency.

The online games need tricks and moves that are learnt over time or if you’re good at logic there is no backing in any game. Here, Lily had all her backup plan and the capacity to make more money independently.

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