Learning is fun with online Rummy!

Though Rummy is a popular game, many people aren’t aware of the online jab that can earn them lakhs on. Every game has tricks and tips to make it to the top but if the foundations are not in place, there is no way you can even win a single game.

Basics are fun to learn and those tricks are more delightful to learn. Unlike most people who think that Rummy takes too much time to learn and earn. We are here to help you break those barriers by making it easier to get those basics right.

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 The fundamentals:

The basis of the card games is likely knowing the value of each card and thereby you can play your strategies in each game. Adding and discarding this is all the game is about.

The online rummy is similar to traditional rummy and helps you understand clearly the tradeoff of the game. This game is played between two people to 6 players. The cards can be distributed in a set of 13 each.

Now, watch closely, this set is valid with the I pure life, i.e. 1 life with or without jokers.

Learning is fun with online Rummy       

The primary goal of Rummy

The objective of any rummy be it traditional or online, is to complete the sequences that you choose initially. There are two main components to understand here before you kick start with the game.

  • Life
  • Set

Life – It is a sequence of 3 or more cards from the same family or a set from another.

To win a particular game a player must have at least one pure life sequence and another set with Joker.

For example,

King, Queen, Joker (OR) 5 spade, 6 spade, 7 spade, 8 spade.

Set – Universally, it means 3 consecutive collection of similar components. In this case, it is just a group of 3 or 4 cards with similar or different value of the same suit.

For example,

All kings from the same deck OR All jacks from the same deck!  

Play Rummy Online

How to begin the online game:

Online rummy is one of the heavily played game on the net, by far 2 – 6 members can play in a game.

  • The players first need to shuffle the cards with a good hand and distribute equal cards amongst the players.
  • Rummy games are played in different styles but every player is dealt with 13 cards only.
  • The objective here is to arrange a section of deck into 4 groups consisting of 3,3,3 and 4 sets, that of pure lives.
  • Soon after the 13 cards are dealt, the player can pick his/her card from the undealt lot or from those that are discarded by the previous player.

The other reason why rummy can be little challenging is if the player learns that he is uncomfortable or unwilling to continue with the game he can quit when his turn arrives. But this holds good before he draws a card.

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Small tips for beginners:

Besides knowing the rummy rules, it is equally important to understand the stand point of opponents and thereby know it through the below tips:

  1. A player at any point cannot make a declaration if he/she doesn’t have a pure sequence.
  2. Begin with lower point load cards than the high value cards.
  3. It is easier to make a sequence with joker and wild cards.
  4. As a beginner, if you’re good at playing with high value stick to one sequence at a time.
  5. With much of the possibilities that the sequence is complete withing few rounds, avoid picking the cards from discarded pile.
  6. Recheck twice before declaring the cards calling it a show.
  7. Make use of jokers wisely as they play an important role in rummy. Post which you can replace them with high value cards.
  8. Joker and wild cards alone don’t make a pure sequence.
  9. An invalid declaration can turn a winning game in to an utter loss.

Learn Rummy online

Common terminologies:

Rummy table:  Referred to the table you play your rummy at.

Joker and Wild cards: The randomly selected cards from the deck to help players make impure sequences to form groups.

Draw and discard:  The player can select the cards from those that aren’t touch or the closed set of cards/ discarded cards.

Sorting: This has to be religiously carried out at the beginning of the game. To reduce much of the possibility of mixing the cards.

Drop: When a player decides to leave the game table at the start or middle of the rummy game, it is a drop.


Cash tournament: They are games played for real cash and cash prizes. They are open 24*7.

Invalid declaration: This often happens because of the player’s overconfidence; this is usually the case when the player declares and the cards are not in sequence.

Do keep in mind that not all games are winning games, there are losses too if you don’t pay enough heed to the game and strategies.

Disclaimer: It is totally your judgment to be sure you that play with genuine companies that are backed by insurance.

“Life Is not a matter of having good cards, but of playing a poor hand well”.




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