I lost my 9-5 job amidst the pandemic and this miracle happened!

Working as an executive for two years now, I fairly manage my mother’s medical expenses. She own’s a house and has rented an adjacent one-bedroom house. We recur income from that rent and manage our expenses.

lost job due to Covid -19

I am Pradeep Mishra, an executive in a small agency, Indigohat. I am a positive person by nature but not that realistic. I hail from Gujarat & I come from a small town. I wanted to share with you how my 9-5 job promised me heaven and proved its uncertainty. While on the other hand the online gaming shaped my life for the better.

It has been 10 weeks since I last shared my experience with someone. I decided to write this to bring an avid awareness in people to not misjudge and over indulge in anything. If we do, we must find our way back out too. But here is the best miracle that seized my problems once and for all.

The challenge! 

lost his job due to Covid - 19 and went into depression

Many thanks to COVID – 19, it helped shut down my company as it is a small start-up and lost its venture amidst this lockdown chaos. Eventually I lost my job to it without any returns.

That was quick! My company was already running under loss and has barely hit the market grounds. My mother fell sick due to internal digestive issues. As a result of diabetes patient, her immunity levels are never to the mark. It is like license for the disease to walk in.

I was obviously searching for an online job besides roaming with my mother to the hospitals to diagnose her problem clearly. The medical expenses were getting deliberately high. I never stopped and then there was a google ad pop up on both the sides of mailbox.

Do you recall I am a positive person and not realistic! This is that juncture I thought my prayers were answered by the god through online games like Rummy. Little did I know that there were losses in the game. But I was guaranteed as these online gaming companies had been insured and thus, I know I was not involving in a fraud game.

It’s not the first time I have heard these names, a friend of mine who makes his second income through this had told me. I registered the same day my mother was hospitalized and I initially won a good bonus of Rs.2000. A good start, with the games I started as a third dropper. I lost 80 points in each game until my 5th game I stepped up to lose only 20 points.

The second lap!

Thanks to many games, I learnt my weak points, loopholes of the opponents and I became realistic and started allowing the strategies to unfold the game for the better. Ta da! I learnt the harder way and I reaped about Rs.3000 cash prizes. That was a good start, did I have ample time? No! The best part of online gaming is that it has immense scope for the achiever and not quitters. If you want to quit then you lose, if you want to win, this ground is limitless.

I did not stop even when my first 4 matches went off board and seized my positivity because it tuned my mindset to reality.

lost the online game

My patience increased with the number of games I played and number of people in a game increased. Every time I made a strategic move, I had to keep in mind the sets have equal or lesser chances of losing points. With this confidence I wanted to risk more! Risks answer only when your preparation meets the opportunity. I won twice and that is a lot of money I incurred. Rs. 4 Lakhs in them and I could set forth to a third venture, the online world of lottery.

The awaited mission!

Becomes rich through online games

Most online card and casino games were my common PC tasks that every day I would invest and play to make a grand Rs. 7.8 lakhs. Oh well! That’s my three years’ salary I got them in 3 weeks! All my mother’s medical care took good charges. I knew I was in for better.

Let’s not skip what happened in my lottery game, shall we? I lost on my first lottery ticket worth Rs.700. My usual instinct didn’t let me stop their as I knew only patience, strategy and experience with sheer little luck things could work.

Onspot offer

Online games have many gaming options to make money and upgrade your online gaming skills too. But in my experience, I lost two heavy games! This was a good hit on my confidence. I tried recalling the initial game plans and strategies to implement them again. I incurred and made up to the losses.

Playing Poker helped me initially gain numerous bonuses & I haven’t lost in one game since.


Online Rummy games are extremely beneficial in gaining much more popularity compared to the real-world version of the game. These games are quite similar to the ones which are played offline using physical cards but here you play with real and instant cash. You can choose any of the variants and play Indian Rummy online.

To my knowledge, I knew what I was into, was ethical, the gaming culture not just made me calm down on the solution of instant cash but it made me stay positive throughout.

Thanks to all the legal and ethical online games that made me achieve the unthinkable.

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