No Income To Massive Income – The Story Of A 24 Year Old Food Delivery Boy

How much money is enough money, you would ask? For some, money is just a piece of paper, for some it is a means of livelihood, while for some others, money means power, luxury and a good lifestyle. For 24-year-old food delivery boy, Amar Sachdev, money was a medium to make his ends meet, every single day. But what happened in his life post the lockdown announcement, amidst the COVID-19 crisis, is something that is beyond imagination.

A regular day in Amar’s life – A dream to live for!

Amar’s life was simple. He worked for a restaurant in town in Mumbai as a food delivery boy. In a regular working day, we would get an average of about 20-30 deliveries that were scheduled. Most of his time during the day would go at work, running from one address to another. On weekends, Amar would catch up with his friends, spend time with his family and play cricket with the kids in his colony. With Rs. 14,000 as monthly salary and an average of about Rs. 3000 earned as tips, Amar’s life was simple.

But, while Amar’s life was simple and grounded, his dreams were certainly headed towards the sky. Being in the food industry for almost about 8 years, Amar was well aware of how the industry works. He dreamt of opening up his own little food shop by the time he would hit 28 years of age, which is why he dropped out of high school and worked really hard all through the day to continue to understand the logistics and procedures of the industry with every passing day.

The announcement that shattered his dream

Life was smooth for Amar until the day the Government announced a complete lockdown in its fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. Like most others, Amar was forced to stay back at home to practice social distancing. All was still well until the day he got a call from the restaurant owner saying that they are forced to let go off some staff members in order to meet the dropping income crisis. In spite of multiple pleas requesting the owner to not take his job away from him, Amar received nothing but rejection. This was a turning point for Amar as he just didn’t know what to do with his life, how to sustain his family of 5 and where to head next to earn his daily bread and butter. His dream of opening a restaurant of his own at the age of 28 also seemed most distant than ever now!

No Income To Massive Income

The shift from offline to online life

Depressed and dejected, Amar started spending most of his time browsing the web and switching between the many social media platforms. He starting looking out for things he could do from home in order to earn some money to feed his family. But since the lockdown was a national one, there weren’t many options that he could identify. Some either required him to be a graduate, or required him to make initial hefty investments. That’s when he noticed an ad related to online gaming that would earn him some money if he would play and win; and that is when he decided to give gaming a shot and test his destiny.

Online gaming – a safe reality

As Amar began reading up about online gaming, he realized that gaming was no cakewalk. One needs to have enough knowledge about the platforms and how to play the games. It is a risky affair if one takes things lightly. So, Amar kept on reading and learning as much as he could all day long.

As he started playing games online, he began to earn some money and began to lose some money as well as these games are no less than a gamble; and if you play irresponsibly, you may end up losing hefty sums of your hard-earned money. But with conscious strategies and choosing his moves responsibly, Amar started to gradually earn money more often that he would lose money.

Play Rummy Online

In no time that Amar tried his luck in online gaming did he start getting addicted to it. Such is the world of online gaming – once you get addicted to it, there is no looking back, and once you start earning, there is no stepping back.

So where did he earn money and where did he lose money, you would ask?

Not many days later since trying his luck at gaming, Amar came across online Rummy gaming platforms. The 3D visuals, the amazing offers and the sheer game of winning and earning made him play and earn like he had never before. With his gaming skills and strategy, Amar soon started earning hundreds and thousands of rupees by simply playing Rummy games online. Though it wasn’t as rosy as it sounds. Amar did end up losing some money in initially while he was still trying to get the hang of the game and its moves.

With luck and time by his side, he then decided to explore some other online games as well. He started searching for some fun and reliable platforms and found out games like Poker, Teen Patti, Online Casino, Lottery and so on. Here again, in some, Amar would excel and win big money, while in some, he would lose some money. Playing without the thought of giving up on winning made Amar draw clever strategies, especially when playing Poker, casino and several other card games. He soon started challenging his friends as well to play against him.

The Story Of A 24 Year Old Food Delivery Boy

Now his time was spent more on shuffling between gaming apps and platforms than on social media platforms. In a mere span of 23 days, Amar’s total earnings from gaming stands at Rs. 41,212. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, it isn’t, because what you are about to read next is something that is actually beyond belief.

While playing these games, Amar decided to put some of his earning into testing his luck in online lottery games. After a few no-shows and much to his surprise now, Amar won a lottery of Rs. 13 lakhs at a mere investment of Rs. 400 done towards purchasing the lottery ticket. Now, this is what is real good news, isn’t it? From merely Rs. 17,000 a month to turning into a millionaire – this is a true story of Amar Sachdev.


Thoughts on online gaming

Online gaming is undoubtedly an addiction. It lets you play and win right from the comfort of your home. Its portability lets you start or continue your games anytime, anywhere. If played responsibly and reliably, anyone can become a millionaire, just like Amar. If not, you end up losing more than you have invested. But as far as trusting these platforms is concerned, these are genuine companies backed by insurance, and hence, are completely safe and reliable when it comes to conducting online games and releasing payouts. All you need to do is know the rules of the game and the tricks to win the game. A good gaming strategy can lead you to huge jackpots that can change your life for good.

What then seemed an impossible dream for Amar, is now a dream waiting to be realized. Right after the lockdown is over, Amar plans to begin the documentation work to get his own food shop up and running, with money he has earned and with adding up some more funds from friends and relatives. It isn’t all false when they say that if God shuts one door at you, he does surely open a many more doors for you!

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