When Virat Couldn’t Resist His Opponent in Cricket: Anushka Sharma?

Virat takes down the third wicket and realizes he is not alone in the game. Apparently, the new player Anushka Kohli takes the opponents’ place and the game doesn’t get any boring thereafter.

Anushka & Virat have thoroughly enjoyed the game upon the invite from IB – cricket. This online league was commemorated in the presence of these two-celebrity couples and many other sportsmen were invited too.

Virat Kohli not only supports virtual reality cricket over online he enjoys playing in it. Today, his best-half of life, Anushka Sharma loves VR cricket too, happens to be his tough opponent too.

Would it end there?

online cricket game

The iB – Cricket hosted its tournament further inviting the cricket heroes Virender Sehwag, Suresh Raina, Harbhajan Singh, Brendon McCullum, Andre Russell to participate.

Them coupled with the virtual reality cricket is one of the deadliest combinations.


Virtual reality cricket, in other words, your online games have taken over the manual gaming sphere too. Sportsmen enjoy playing in it as it is a sense of mind game and you’re often engaging your brain to learn more techniques to play better.

All the over the globe, cricket has umpteen number of followers and players. Though it is not the Olympic games you the heat wave of the IPL World Cup tournament last! If you train your theoretical patterns, it can favor the sportsmen in their practices. However, there are two types of online cricket gaming so to be told.

The recent launches – Online cricket games

The recent launches – Online cricket games

Like mentioned earlier there are two types of online cricket games that were launched in the recent times. One of them is the new star cricket, wherein the player is the star and then earn rewards and hone your skills as you proceed in the game.

The player can play local, domestic and national games all across the world. Ideally, these are examples just to hint you there are lot many online cricket games that help you earn rewards in form of cash and skills.

People who are professional players can experience gaming as a professional cricketer too. Eventually the cricketer could start representing his national team too. The player needs to first understand the authenticity of a mobile cricket title that captures the spirit, skills, excitement.

Online mobile friendly, gaming apps are far engaging because of the easy access and the dynamics of the UX/UI development.

Skills from online cricket gaming app.

Skills from online cricket gaming app.

There are innumerable features that will keep upgrading on these online gaming apps thus keeping your gaming levels challenging. There is more to online gaming skills.

  • Managing the budget effectively

Certain online gaming cricket apps, have up to 100 credits to pick 11 players up for any match on the board. It will require your strategy to win and build up high team performing.
As you start building and there are about a squad of 16 the budget is of great question. In many online cricket games, you are expected to build up cash and gold bars to support your team for the final and semi-final tournaments.

  • Experience and analytics

Experience naturally adds you to the performing strata thus increasing your chances of winning. Analytical thinking in a game like cricket is the best trademark of a captain. More games offer more tricks and practices to the players thus honing skills through T20 leagues, more tournaments.
Your analytics should always aim at top performers and the prepare a strategy to face the opponents thus helping your groom your analytical skills. Better yet, test out and see what works better for your team.

  • Concentrate on the invisible leaders.

They are basically all-rounders as they are very skilled in batting, bowling and fielding. There are rare to find but the players might have to be mindful of such all-rounders. It is necessary to know the weakness and strengths of the opponent while getting into a game with them. Highly-rated-cricket-all-rounders can bat up to higher scores and bowl many overs in a league.
Look for few all-rounders while building up your team as they certainly help you team balance.

Play Rummy Online

  • Mindful about injuries

Virtual reality cricket in online gaming requires predicative skills to allocate different players in the time of injury of a player. Also, before a match, players will do research into a player’s fitness, should he/she have a question mark.
It is important to keep an eye out for injuries in any of the tournaments. In the game, you have Health, Morale and Rest packs to make sure your players are in an optimal condition ahead to take up the place in the forefend matches:
Health packs: To be used to speed up a player’s recovery from injury
Morale packs: To be used when a player is in need of a confidence boost
Rest packs: To be used to boost a player’s energy when feeling fatigued

  • Balancing the team

Yes, there was a mention of all-rounders in this article, but it is important to have a good selection of batsmen and bowlers in your side. After all, these players specialize in their particular fields, which is an area to exploit in online cricket games.

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