The Bridge of a Dream Chaser: Online Rummy!

Rao Ramesh was inspired to start a small business of his own since his college, unlike his friends, he had the most uncommon talent. His early life as a student was not as sound as other children of his age. It was not that the finances weren’t in place for his academics but neither was his interest for studies in place.

The Mumbai life!

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Back in 2018, he had visited his cousins in Mumbai for finding a job in hotel management. His stay there was not that fruitful with job hunting but he learnt a lot about Mumbai’s city life. He always wanted to have a dream hotel named after him with super luxurious amenities and wanted world-class personalities promoting his hotel.

It’s easy getting carried away, but over the following days, his passion and purpose of life grew exponentially. Back home, in Bangalore, his father was not happy & vary of his choices made for his career. He hails from a middle-class family with an elder sister and a younger brother.

The wakeup call!

Like most fathers are upset with their sons who are of Rao’s age, it was no surprise for his family. Rao was often spending time playing Rummy with his friends who used to work part time besides gathering information about hotel management.

It was not late, when his father lost his temper on him over a silly issue after a year. Ramesh’s anger and sense of responsibility knocked out of nowhere and he left home to restore his lost peace. Until he learnt that it was even more chaotic outside when he had no money to pay his share of the rent for the room he lived in with his friends.

Play Rummy Online

Not for long he sat idle, he started playing few online Rummy games and that became a huge obsession for good in the following days. He not only moved out of the co-living room, he rented one only for himself and started sending some amount of money to his mother for family expenses.

Ramesh’s quickly realised that he could make use of his free time to pick up few free online courses from HARVARD UNIVERSITY that subjected hotel management. Before he knew, a week had passed by, he wanted to set a small home restaurant that started catering only 2 hours in the evening. He soon was granted the permission to make use of the available space near his home for using it as a restaurant. He payed his rents without fail! All this through the money that he earned through online Rummy games. His business flourished.

The change in the routine!

Happy Man -  Online Rummy

Weekends remained shut as he wanted to completely focus on the tournament games that he had to play with multiplayer games in online Rummy. He used to make good money than an average software engineer could draw in a month. Some weeks had lost many games and the money, but it in the tournaments he used to make up for the losses.

His idea of exploring the credit business set in, it’s kind of opened doors for him to explore how that business works. As a hotel manager he soon appointed two – three staff under him. It grew well and his restaurant was subject to renovation in 6 months. 2019 was the year he marked in his calendar to bring his dreams to life.


Playing those online games, he set his foot in online lottery games that was risky but our man was all prepared for it. He bought several tickets of Rs. 700/- each expecting at least he would win in one. His back up plan didn’t go in vail, as three out of four tickets won lottery. He seized the opportunity and invested a share of his amount in a company’s stock market to multiply his shared over the months. Smart drive!

The lockdown!

Rapid and dynamic changes were a part of his life within a span of six months. Success come from places he least expected but was confident while investing like online Rummy games, online lottery games and more such online games. He always had a backup plan for his finances.

March 2020, he sensed his loss in shares and investment in the restaurant he owns. He decided to go full force with his online Rummy games, online tournaments, lottery games. This time he was reunited with his family due to quarantine and lockdown orders of the government.


Not a thought of loss, he completely focused on the online games as he had to pay his staff members and make sure his finances were secure as a backup plan. This time his father had no qualms with him playing online Rummy, as all these online games were safe, secure and ethical backed up the insurance it was registered in. Rao’s dream is still half ahead journey but he has driven the potential and the capacity to mark his international hotel dream a huge success.

The journey ahead!

As of now, his finances have grown to deepen his aspirations to build a completely healthy and famous hotel in Bangalore amidst the competitive bigshot hotels we have. Rao’s sporty and practical outlook on life never changed as these online games kept him alive and awake to push forward in life despite the few games he lost in and the games he won in.

Why would a businessman who understands the risk factors would let go of the potential opportunities to plans to make money from? Here after, Rao’s steadfast approach to things can help him make the most renowned hotel star in the world.

We wish him well! Rao’s message for the people when asked about his story is, he said, “never let go of the problems that seize the biggest opportunities in them. Always make the best use of time and budget and remember who you are, your dreams make you or break you, choose wisely and stay safe. I solely thank my online life; it is a world apart but is has not only helps me survive the odds but beat them with my excellence. Thank you, online Rummy.”

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