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Online gaming is one of the rapidly growing businesses across the country and in the industry. The digital world offers more than expected and thus emancipates your focus. FYI, the sector is likely to hit Rs. 12,000crores by the financial year 2022-23 besides the recession and negative growth in the economy.

India by far has set more scope for small to large businesses irrespective of the industry. According to the research analysis, 500 million people in India play video games every single day. The age factor in the demographic audience falls in the window between 10 – 55 years.

Why is there an invariable demand?

play online games

The action-loving youngsters, especially of the peerage groups and those in the mid-’20s to mid-’30s like making money through online games such as Poker and Rummy. Making money is one of the primary goals of the audience and this is a straightforward reason to play online games besides entertainment.

Onspot offer

Online gaming is a serious source of educating, earning, learning and improving technology. It serves as a great source in increasing the number of jobs due to the supply and demand chain. In course, the technocrats have a major role apart from UX/UI designers who compel the frame of online games.

The present scenario!

online games present scenario

The reports leaked from KPMG- Indian federation of sports gaming says online gaming stood at Rs. 2000 crore in the financial year 2013-14. Post half a decade, in the FY 2017-18 it has increased to Rs. 4400crores. As estimated the growth percentage will increase by 22 per cent annually to Rs. 12,000crores in the time frame, 2018 – 2022.

Of course, the biggest to-do of the online games flourished when the smartphones entered the market. This has been the highest revenue generator, about 85 per cent of the online gaming revenue so far. Money generating games like poker and rummy, action-oriented games that have all big engaging tournaments.

Further, the gaming industry has collaborated with Youtubers who work for gaming niche to stream their games online to make money out of it. This is one of the best moves made by the gaming industry as it has turned to OTT (over the top) platform for better reach and understanding of the games online.

Online gamers have most gravitated to the idea of rummy games online, which is more of an online Rummy game that has grown 100% over the last 5 years. Ashish Bhakuni, head of marketing revealed that online games like this. Bhakuni believes in a unified strategy of off-line and online marketing techniques.


The same is with the Junglee Games, that has hit a massive growth in a short span. There has never been a sign of fore fall and these online games have substantially been growing. Ankush Gera, the founder and CEO who successfully launched one such online gaming is all the more positive about the industry and its’ survival in the future.

The digital marketing envelope!

digital marketing envelope

Gera further adds that marking a place in the market is possible when you invest enormously in social media marketing starting from Facebook to influencer marketing. Gera said that Indians are big fans of gaming. “India’s online gaming industry, which was worth $29 million in 2016, will reach $1 billion by 2021 and will add 19 million gamers.

The use of smartphone across the rural and urban areas has aided to the growth of online gaming but more so because of marketing them widely across social media. You see why? Social media is designed for the business class apart from the normal users among the population. The kind of demographic audience that digital marketing targets are simply apt. There is more room to access the content of vivid industries than it was a decade ago.

The conclusion

Facts reveal that India is currently the second-largest telecom market in the world. It ranks third in the world by the number of users using the Internet. However, the number of Internet users was expected to reach 500 million by 2018 and it did outperform.

It is safe to say online gaming is expected to reach $801 million by 2022 in the gaming industry.

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