PC gaming for a progressive country: Trends to upskill for better generation.

Gamers don’t fear the apocalypse. Gaming industry has evolved more with the technology in the recent decade. Global brands have promoted, endorsed & acknowledged them. The best part of online gaming it doesn’t require age, gender or any other specifications to play.

From traditional to online gaming the perks haven’t changed much but have rather more to add on. The only thing the players need to ensure is not to fall for the false traps of the fraudulent brands. To make sure you players invest in the well known or the branded online games that are well insured.

Whether you are from big city, student or from an urban-rural area gaming has moved the horizons to more emerging corners of the world.

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PC gaming and prices!

Gaming set up was once up on a time luxury for people across many countries. Over the evolution of internet, the PC games shifted and geared up from 3d to 2d and more of UI/UX animations.

Future Gaming

PC or online gaming is inclusive and thus people from all walks of life can play any online games. Since the software used for developing these online games are pretty coveted to many gadgets, it can be played on mobile phones too.

The reach is amazing on a smartphone. So, the chances of downloading a game app in a flash is quite the common habit of many. PC gaming community are more found of viewing everything big and to amplify the real gaming experience people resort to Virtual Reality headsets.

PC with console gaming!

Online games are all over the market with vivid annual prices varying with the release of versions.

Online rummy games, poker & online casinos are all constantly evolving with numerous laterals for a PC game & now as VR games. Considering it involves online gaming, during a price-sensitive market like in India, mobile gaming leads with certainty.

Play Rummy Online

Credit to the actual ruling factors including affordable hardware, portability and availability of free games. Mobile gaming is predicted to be on the brink of 85% of the general marketplace for the remainder of the year.

On the other hand, PC and Console based gaming is especially driven with certain group of communities. As a result, it has gained major focus during the lockdown days and social distancing criteria as a result, have forced people to remain indoors.

Additionally, what comes after is considered to be ideal for more serious and regular gamers preferring games that are intense in graphics, playing gears & that are immersive.

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Hardwire of PC gaming!

Incase you are interested in knowing how the hardware of PC gaming looked and varied with each system is. With good research our team reported the hardware dynamic of the gaming involved the following:

Presently, India has gaming-focused computing products like ROG and Strix from Asus, Predator from Acer, Omen from HP and more. In course of the lockdowns, time has brought forward a situation where tons of individuals are forced to find a job/work or study remotely. Thus, were required to shop for dedicated gear for remote users.

Gaming has no excuses to terminate!

To increase the user engagement, brands are consistently working on their hybrid devices that are handy to finish day to day computing work. As well as, powerful enough to assist users to explore & enjoy the real class gaming experience.

Let’s discuss about Arnold Su, Business Head of Asus’s Consumer & Gaming PC section, who identified the need and mentioned that the corporate is gearing up with devices.

These devices particularly help the aim of both gaming and professional work, duality in smooth sailing. The devices include both desktops and laptops which provide both the worlds promising delivery. They have already started making it, thanks to the market as it is expected to be renowned as the gaming machines for millennial gamers.

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Cloud based PC games!

The recent demand in cloud computed games are grossing high with Netflix-like subscription model. That is already becoming a hot cake of the era among the users who do not like to invest heavily in any hardware.

On the niche point of view, cloud-based gaming provides immersive experience on any extensive device apart from PCs like smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop or maybe a TV.


It is easier for the users if they use a similar account to log in from their remote places on the desktop browser, mobile or those tablets. Basically, to enjoy the sport at the comfort of their homes or while on the go is the primary criteria.

Netflix supports Interactive content, more so in the recent devices, including smart TVs, streaming media players, game consoles, and Android and iOS devices. Those running the newest version of the Netflix app can avail the benefits. But the user will have to make sure if your device is compatible with the updated content.

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VR gaming with PC!

Scrolling with all the other tweets on VR, the demand is rising with the number of lockdown due to like COVID 19.

Online Gaming world

If you are looking for an all new dimension of immersive gaming, look no further from Virtual Reality gaming. The value of VR hardware is limiting the acceptance of VR gaming.

VR technology is so far marred by mostly the value of hardware also because the dedicated space required to play the games.

Nevertheless, with right assistance of powerful cloud-gaming servers VR gaming can reach far wider audiences or users. Especially, those including low latency networks, cloud-based VR Gaming can be autonomous as VR gaming by letting people enjoy VR games even on their average systems.

VR is a fine couture of gaming online, hence, considered as a gold standard of computing and gaming solution. Which will serve most requirements without an excessive amount of additional cost.


The smartphones are bracing the impact of the COVID 19 crisis, thus, enabling the way for the civilians or users to play on their mobiles. Mobile arcade games like Ludo, Snakes and ladders, Carrom, Rummy, casino games & poker, etc. are noticed with a huge user base.

So similar to this are the localized PC gaming content that are going to be in huge demand with more coding & development. These experts are specialists in creating the games that are autonomous of finer hardware.

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