Roshan Peter’s 4 Mistakes to Consider: For a Better Game!

I am a slow learner, but I make sure I learn well. I was at a crossroad in my late 20’s between pursuing my dreams & concurrent jobs. I am very keen on playing online games besides the mess I was at studies.

The difference is, when I was playing PC games back then there was no need of internet and I nailed those Brown Box computer games with great zeal & learning. But As my boards hit me hard in the head and life, I realized how studies were important to get a seat in my plus 2.

The bigger realizations hit after that. I hail from a middle-class family, wherein my sister is a doctor with exceptional research and medical certifications. “I”, on the other side have very less to speak about when it comes to my academics. That was my quick background closure for the article here.

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Introduction to Rummy

It is one of the leading online games in India. According to the internet and the search engine numbers, online games have taken a giant leap on the invisible bridge of technology. Meaning that there is more progression within the industry.

4 Mistakes to Consider For a Better Game!

This traditional/online gaming is found interesting for a number of reasons. This game is for beginners, international players and professional gamers. Today, there are several laterals based on Rummy games, if you are looking at gameplay online & earn more money through it.

Please remember that any branded online games especially, the ones close to gambling, are well insured and advanced with the online payment. There are many fraudulent practices which might target you.

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Rummy game is more a game of skill than that of a chance. These online games can help you win games. Winning high stakes games come purely from experience and not mere luck. The quicker you learn luckier you get. I am not a quick learner at all that means I am well aware of my weakness before I set into the gaming industry.

The 4 common mistakes!

Here are some of the common mistakes we overzealous players, you and I could commit during the game.

Never go to tilt:

For beginners & players, once you take a hit in the game there is a very high possibility of you playing the game to avenge the beats and hence your chances of opening eyes to more possibilities depletes.


Your capacity of judging and taking decisions will get muddled, thus making way for more losses or irrational decisions. It is good to rest and take a moment to accept what is and then indulge.

This game purely requires competence, concentration & skills that develop game after game. Patience is the bridge to all.

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Bluffing every hand!

Of the many moves, bluff is considered as the dynamic move in rummy. It is the art of gambling with pure experience games. It has played a vital role in their achievements. Which means there are many radical situations in the game that needs a mindful decision to tackle the moves.

Avoid these 4 Mistakes to Consider For a Better Game!

But, making a bluff move every time isn’t a good idea.

Exploring more possibilities

Any mind games involve physical reflexes. Be it online games or the traditional games. I wonder if I had worked on my emotions earlier, I would have made better moves and hence better money.

It encourages multi-players from 2 to 6 players. Do not be afraid to try new approaches, though fear of losing may keep you at bay. If you are afraid of failure then you have nothing to fear of. Assess your failures each and every time. Smart move is learning from others failures and mistakes.

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Increase your budget slowly.

Balance and patience are the key to playing Rummy. Assessing your limits, budgets, failures, profits after every game builds a roadmap against the risks the game involves. Try out the new rummy stations where you can start playing for less amount & scale up when you require the most.

Onspot offer

This will make the Rummy journey more curious & interesting as you play. It helps you not overspend over a deal when you are not sure of yourself.

Participate actively & sometimes passive playing will help you learn better, as you’re not playing and learning while others are playing. This unhooks you off the pressure unless you have bet your money.


Encapsulating from the recent studies, gambling is the number 1 online entertainer next to YouTube, Netflix and Prime Video. This standing sport is always something I cherish and still play for pure entertainment, pocket money & build my social circle far wider.

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