Technology is changing the online gaming sphere

Digitization has played a major role in every industry around the globe. Digitization in recent times has evolved with cloud computation which is a completely new sphere for everyone to deal with.

Technology is changing the industry faster than what most of the factors can. Online gaming is developed from tech innovations to start with. It will further evolve rapidly with newer technologies.

1. Blockchain system

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What is Blockchain in gaming?

The public blockchain records give open access to game developers in order to develop rare virtual items. Mostly, to prove their scarcity. Further, developers could easily create web pages which pull data from the blockchain for users to track the availability of their digital assets.

  • Initial days of online gaming especially games like poker and rummy there were bank transfers with prepaid, debit, or credit cards to fund your account.
  • Then came wallets such as PayPal, Neteller, and others. Currently, there is another new wave of payment called cryptocurrency. It is as explained above a decentralized, digital form of currency i.e. is making waves in the online gaming world more interested and easier.
  • Bitcoin, known as the most popular, widely accepted form of blockchain cryptocurrency. It is becoming a standard deposit and withdrawal option at many online casinos.
  • There are many online games that operate like the Bitcoin frequency as a form of both withdrawal and deposit. Thus, making the band of international players access their online transactions easier.
  • For newer and smaller casinos, embracing cryptocurrency is a great way to stand out from the competition.

2. Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality - Win Big Online

The online gaming has is primarily a virtual treat for many because of this development. This industry has a player sitting in a familiar corner of the world and looking at the screen to understand the gaming strategy more easily.

Over the last couple of years, screens have become larger, clearer and better. With overall technology & graphics displayed on them have become more realistic.


  • Besides the factors mentioned, online gamers are always aware of their physical surrounding that do not involve the world on the screen.
  • This is what virtual reality changes in online gaming. To have a 3 dimension and adding more dimensions to the game so that online gamers are completely immersed in the online world of their game.
  • Instead of being acutely aware that you are sitting on your couch or desk chair, VR creates the feeling that you are completely part of the action online. It perceives your notions to really feel like you are swinging the sword, scoring the goal, or sitting down at the poker table.
  • VR gaming presently is a 3rd party business, home VR gaming is becoming more of a reality. VR equipment is easily available to the online gamers as the prices are low and this is happening at a faster pace.
  • These home VR gaming devices are so popular unit these days that their demand over it has increased fundamentally in February 2020.

3. Facial recognition for online gaming

Facial Recognition - Win Big Online

A scoop of new technology to rapidly evolving in 2020 and this has a tremendous potential to change online gaming. Annually, online gaming has been evolving as per the demand and measure in the money this industry is making.

  • There are two distinct ways that facial recognition that will revolutionize online gaming. This is through safety and security and through personalization.
  • On the safety and security end, facial recognition is currently being used in many instances, from schools to iPhones, because it is one of the best and most secure ways to verify a person’s identity.
  • For the facial recognition tool, each person’s face is like a human QR code that can be scanned by the technology. A tool to make sure a person is exactly who they say they are to access the digital asset.
  • The technology is at constant evolution i.e. its aim to meet accuracy to the point of easy, quick and clean transactions in online gaming.
  • In the personalization end, facial recognition will allow players to no longer have the use of poorly designed animations while playing online.

Instead, replace it with a character online i.e. a look alike. Also, when a game uses facial recognition to identify a player, it can do a whole range of personalized things such as give out personalized rewards, offer personalized recommendations, or show personalized advertising.

4. The holy artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial Intelligence - Win big online

Due to the limitations in the technology the initial gaming sphere couldn’t access the whole new level of online gaming. While those early games designed with AI are more distinct than the normal ones.

  • In the 21st century, AI and machine learning have improved to a point where games can now offer seemingly umpteen possibilities in the way they respond.
  • AI and machine learning come into play when you see NPCs – non-player characters (NPCs) respond in a game. Previously, when you tried to defeat a game-controlled bad guy, team, or opponent, there was a predetermined set of responses that the opposition could have.
  • With more such advancements in AI and machine learning, the online gaming is more humane like with Poker, Rummy & online Casinos. Any online game for that very instance. Initially, temple run was a crazy fir in this online gaming as the game was totally unpredictable.
  • With the rising specifications in feedback from many online gamers, AI has made online gaming much more immersive and personal.

5. On-demand gaming

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Say, if you buy a physical copy of a game or download a game, players are now able to pick from a wide selection of games with their whim or fancy.

  • To personalize a game involves multiple technologies coming together to improve the gaming experience. Cloud technology plays an immense role in processing the framework to fruition.
  • Online casinos have a very good example of hosting the games online like a single go with one click of a button.



An old wise man said only two things in life are guaranteed, death and taxes. In 2020 though, there is a third thing you can add to that, technology. In online gaming, technology is fast spread over the industries.

In fact, the advent of online gaming comes of a great case study to the university graduates ahead of time. Stay tuned for more.

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