13 Card Rummy Vs 21 Card Rummy: Experts Say!

Rummy games online are spontaneous and equally entertaining. It is worth investing money unless you don’t want to play. There are tricks and flips that will help your gaming journey worth it.

Consistent practice can help you navigate through odds of heavy loss in the game. Since Rummy online has many variants such as pool, points & deals, you can win many bonuses!  Apart from these, there are two more variants for a Rummy game, namely, 13 card & 21 card game.

Online Rummy

This article introduces you to the two variations with the pointers discussed below! Note that these play rummy cash games, tournaments, contests and win real cash!

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For instance, in the 13-card game, the number of cards dealt here are clearly 13 in number. Every player at the table is given 13 cards each and that of 21 game is 21 cards.  And it is pretty simple unlike the rest of the games.


Here the number of decks matter, well, to a greater extent. You can either play with 2 decks in case of 13 card Rummy game & 3 decks in case of 21 card rummy game.


Thus, for a 21-card game the journey becomes more complex. Since there are 3 sets of same cards, the player will have to find different strategies to in win in 21 card game.

Pure sequences

It’s a one plus one in case of 13 card game wherein you will have to create a following sequence after the first pure sequence to win. In case of 21 card game, there are minimum of 3 sequences needed.

Why wait for the Joker?

They play the same role in both the card games, so do other cards. This is a card that can replace for any card to form sets and sequences. In 21 card game we use value cards along with joker. The cards have a benefit as they carry extra points that can change your game.

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 Pace of the game:

This could vary with each game however, since a 13 card games has less cards and hence faster to complete. The same thing with a greater number of cards, 21- card game will take more time. So, the more the number of cards, the more the time it would require to form pure sets and sequences.

Marriage hand

It is a hand that includes all the value cards together. This is a competitive version which only 21 card game has and not the 13-card game.

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Moving ahead let us understand how the 21 card game functions and by which we learn how to declare a show with the same decks.

21 card game

A game that could be played between 2 people to 6 with three deck of cards. These games have 3 3 decks of same cards, which means thrice the possibilities of you receiving value added cards.

There are 3 jokers in 21 card game and have a privilege of playing with all the three at a time. Iterating the benefit here, joker is a value-added card that can be replaced for any.


It only serves better if you familiarize yourself with the game terminologies. Get your basics stronger before you start playing the 21-card game.

In a 21-card game, never prioritise your sequences, there are high chances you could miss out on the hidden opportunities when they surface. Since, this card game is pretty complex than the 13-card game be more attentive.

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Playing 21-card game:

In 21-card game, make use of the upper and lower jokers, as explained earlier.

13 Card Rummy Vs 21 Card Rummy

It is played as the traditional game play with the standard procedures of picking, discarding and strategizing. It further includes many more concepts if you’re keen.

Declaring in 21-card game:

N 21-card game, before you declare show, you must have 3 pure sequences handy. Remaining cards arranged in sets or sequences.

Keeping in mind, you have to declare at least 3 Tunnelas & 3 Dublees.

Jokers can form a sequence but will require 7 other cards to declare. During declaration all jokers need to be arranged in one group.

Note the value card points: For a same suit joker of single card you would receive 10 points, that of 2 cards 30 points and for 3 cards 50 points.

In case of upper joker: For a single card you receive 10 points, two cards 30 points and 3 cards 50 points.

In the case of lower joker: For a single card you receive 10 points, two cards 30 points and 3 cards 50 points.

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Both the 13-card game and 21-card game are widely available online. Rummy is an online card game that is more than welcomed to be played by beginners, males, females, players and gamers. However, note that not all the site you see rummy games are purely game oriented some are frauds.

Stay tuned with the reputed branded rummy companies. Not every game is about losing and winning, you experience in the gaming field matters and so build your persona around the game. Branded games because they have secure payment gateway for back and forth transactions. They are insured and safe to register yourselves in, as your information remains confidential.

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