What 2017 had to say about Rummy game online!

Yes! Here is what 2017 had to say about Rummy and its future back then, and where does rummy stand today in India. In cards, 2017 remotely reported that start-up & mainstreams sectors have shown positive growth in the online gaming industry for the year 2017. The reports also stated that there is tremendous potential with Rummy to stand as a game that creates many jobs and not just a game of skill.

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Why is Rummy so popular?

There are many variations in Rummy i.e. popular in India. Many passionate players have made their name and fame in the online gaming world. Since they legalised the game, it has, even more, converted the platform to be of greater convenience for playing online.

Rummy online!

Now, online sites can offer a whole extra level of gaming experience because of which the availability of games is 24/7 around the clock. How? There are international players who accompany us from different time zones and form a better team at a table. Rummy is a worldwide game and is definitely having a wider audience than ever before.

Since the wide distribution of smartphones, online gaming has flourished because of the gaming compatibility in android, IOS and windows mobiles.

Flourishing audience

2017 had specifically reported that the spike in the online Rummy gaming audience had favoured them for a major investment with the on-growing demands. Starting from small towns to a metropolitan city and then to cosmopolitan cities has included online Rummy either through online or club.


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Real deal of Rummy

Here, the internal and external challenges of online gaming have set Rummy to face the heat of online phishing but never affected by it. When Nagaland’s license had many speculations against it, the Union Ministry released the problems and legalised the game there too. Today, it is an ongoing game of skill there.

Rummy game online!

With the growing population and smartphone distribution, after the US, UK and China, Europe, Indian start-ups have turned towards online gaming, especially pursuing Rummy as their main game of interest.

For the years to come by, Rummy’s potential in the online industry will reach better heights and will create better job interests in creating a potential online game.

 Is Rummy reliable?

Apparently, this is little debatable as online games such as Rummy is still not legal with the rising market of the industry. Further, online gaming comes with many fraudsters who make the best out of your pocket.

It is very important to register one-selves in either a branded or reputed online rummy game. It is important to do a bit amount of research before you dive into buying your membership into the game.


There are many perspectives on traditional gaming and online gaming. However, the ministry has legalised the gaming in India though there are states like Telangana, Orissa and other small places.

The declarations from the Supreme Court ruled out that the game of rummy is purely a game of skill and not a game of chance. Playing rummy does not anywhere closely relate to gambling.

  • Within the last few decades, many High Courts have legalised the game and stated that law enforcement authorities will not interfere with the game of rummy played with stakes.
  • In 2015, the SC noted that observations of a 2012 Madras High Court order which held rummy for stakes to be illegal did not survive and deemed that order to be withdrawn.

There are many legal sectors and its experts that have shared their opinions on public platform about the rummy being completely legalised in India.

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How different is Indian rummy?

Certainly, more similar to the rummy games in the foreign country. Since every player receives about 13 cards from a deck of 52 cards, there are ample possibilities of a person playing well with 4 jokers. The objective holds similar to all the rummy games to make runs of similar sets.

  • Indian Rummy game has 3 basic versions to play with. A 13-card version, a 21-card version and a 10-card version.
  • The vocabulary might differ from country to country but the objective and gameplay is the same. Indian rummy functions with sequences, sets, joker & many tips and tricks.

Rummy Online Game

It doesn’t matter whether you draw a card from an open deck or closed deck and then dispose a card to the closed deck every time your turn hits you. Keeping a close watch on the cards disposed of by your opponents will help you understand what cards your opponents have.


This is why 2017 said, Rummy is here to stay with us for a very long time.

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