Online gaming Statistics & Facts: Momentum

One of the key factors for online gaming to blow out of proportion in the Indian mobile market. There are continues series of smartphone releases thrice a week. The evolution of the smartphone is bringing many variants in the customer segment with AI & ML tech.

It is all with the investments of big gaming company’s’ that led to the rapid demand in the evolution of the online gaming integration with the next-gen tech.

Here is a small statistic report of the gross value of the gaming industry in the year 2019, in India it is 62 billion Indian rupees. But by 2023-24, it will gross around 250 billion Indian Rupees.

Online gaming Statistics & Facts Momentum

The massive production and demand for smartphones will go high with the ban on Chinese products. Plus, the number of job opportunities will increase exponentially especially in the country’s gaming sector. The demand is not just high with money yielding games like Rummy, poker and casino games but for many other games.

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The growing numbers:

The next fiscal year, 2021 – 2022, the market will expand the number of employees by 40,000. Considered as the world’s largest youth democrat, India’s youth population is sharing a greater interest in digital sports & entertainment.

A report on gamers flashed that 60% of gamers were below the age of 24 in India, in the year 2016. There are heavy gamers who simply use the easier go-to gadget, mobile phones for accessing their games.  Most others that involve, heavy gaming, the gamers prefer laptops, tabs & PCs.

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But the profit scale is growing with the development of smartphones coming at an affordable rate. Mobile phones industries could reach about 405 million US dollars by 2022.

Looks like the preceding increase in the mobile phone gamers have drastically increased was in this year 2020. Cloud computing games has made enough to date. Further, looking into computer and console gaming, it will reshape the entire gaming industry.

The gross value of computer gaming around 2019 was estimated at 96 million U.S dollars. Console gaming, on the other hand, made 240 million US dollars around the same time. The shares increased to 23.8 in 2016 due to electronic art in computer gaming.

The Stats on online gamers!

For reference counting from 2019, there were over 300 million online gamers in India. According to the study and standard research, the goal expects to reach 440 million gamers by 2022. FYI, India has ranked the highest with an overall growth rate of 165 per cent in the term 2016 to 2018.

Online gaming Facts

The online gaming plunge from 2019 to 2024 will cross over 200 billion rupees, here’s why. The main reason is the job opportunities that are going to increase the intake of employees.

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By 2022, 40,000 employees will work on online gaming sectors for better progression and demand. Today, in 2020, a survey reported that the majority of Indians play online games every single day.

Crossing the views were shooting and sports games amongst the younger men while the women preferred more of adventurous games. more games are hitting the market within the financial year 2021.

Online gaming via mobile

The positive aspect of gaming is mostly described as “fun”, as they have an effect of engaging the audience through an activity. The loose end of technology has welcomed innovative games and challenges to improvise gaming constantly.Dhani

With the increase in smartphone technology, the access of different games is easy by downloading it in app stores. Some games come in different versions to stay compatible with the operating system. For smartphones and other PC extensions that help you play games with VR headsets and more. Online games are programmed using HTML and thus have high compatibility stature with many electronic gadgets.

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The brown box:

A vacuum tube-like structure that was connected to the television set for you to access a variety of onscreen games was epic. With time and technology, gaming has evolved from brown box to digital gaming.

The first multi-player gaming was limited to players and measured the competitive spirits based on the highest scores. Today, multiplayer games are based out on the variety of games played with a single streaming platform.

Opening up for a wider community started when the games were designed to fit in PCs that resulted in market saturation. In the gaming industry, there was never a time of regression of market and growth.

Online gaming Statistics

Not the gaming industry! It was not much affected by the ups and downs of global recessions or downfall of markets. As of today, the online gaming industry is thus potentially having its stance with the increase in demand for online gaming.


Many gaming companies have sorted developing teams, animation teams and more concept team working relentlessly on the art and creative aspect of gaming. Building games is not so easy, with the help of technology, the challenges and competitive spirits grow.

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