5 Master Tips to Become A Pro at Online Gaming by Mansi Adyar!

Do you underestimate the feeling of your passport missing when you have a flight to board in 2 hours? Well, I am heading on a world trip and my last-minute packing looks as scattered as I am right now in my mind.

48 hours before…


My friend Shuli and I very online gaming rivals as she is a pro at Rummy, poker and casino games. I have lost to her in more than 5 games consecutively and all be it our last bet was to shell out the money for world trip (5 countries). Luckily, I happened to overcome the seeds of ill luck and won the last game. So, she taking the complete charge of the word trip commuting expenses. Me? Why wouldn’t I go with my bestie?

Hi! I am Mansi Adyar from Bangalore, an enthusiast for animal welfare and a senior project specialist in a software company at a tech park. By now, you know where I spend my leisure time, yes of course in the online gaming world. There is a tinge of learning and earning to takeaway from this world.

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My journey in online gaming!

My Journey - Online gaming

It was not long before I knew about online games, during my last year of degree I started playing these games for stress relief. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, I used to play them the day before my exams were in. Post my graduation I worked as an intern in a small company to gain earn some technical certifications & experience. Back then, I still incurred my pocket expenses from Online games like rummy, poker and casino.


I like building, whether it is house of cards, building a project, coding and more. It didn’t take long enough to pull my best friend and make her a partner in crime, she thanks me today, as online gaming experience has changed her life lot than it has for me.

With the rise in acute depression state for many, I wanted to share why I online gaming is so significant to our lives. To add more I want to treat you all with few tips and tricks in online games such as casinos, Rummy and poker games.

5 tips and tricks for gaming online

online gaming

The best part of online games such as Rummy, poker, lottery and casino games, all these online games are safe, secure and ethical with backed up insurance registered in.

My first tournament game in one of the Rummy games gave me a head start in game. Why would I stop? But there were times the games were challenging and I lost my money in too. Ever since, I wanted share the tips and tricks for new players to learn and share when you gain experience. So, there is always more to learn.

1. If you have heard of probabilities and permutation in math this is it. You can get to the point of winning from the disbursal of cards within seconds. Getting the desired cards in rummy games, you have to track the cards that have been dealt and the cards that appear in the open deck.

2. Applying mathematics is almost equal to controlling the factor of luck, do you agree? Here’s how you do it! — You can execute your plans strategically by sharpening your memory skills. Removing the odds from the even rule is applicable for many situations here, for show, set of 4 cards & more.

3. A little experience can take you a long way and can build enormous pursuits of gaming. The key is rummy games need adaptability, if you master this there is no turning back. Since, every game is different, consistent learning and mind mapping the lessons can make you win big.

The best rummy strategy would be to reverse the commonly used rummy tricks. For example, one of the common rummy tricks is to discard high value cards during the very beginning. Say you may do it to reduce the burden of points. But now, you can reverse the trick by not discarding high value cards.


4. The trick from the royals has spread far wide across many countries. I learnt this from a very good hands on player for real. This in Classic Indian Rummy is not known to many I believe. Well, I wanted to keep it yet giving it away always welcomes better tips. It’s all about the game-changing card called the Joker.

Here’s where the players usually miss out, since they do not like to use Jokers, try making a pure sequence as they can be used as the trump card. This leads to the formation of an impure sequence later. Therefore, the easiest trick would be to discard cards pure sequences earlier to Jokers and force your opponent not to pick them up.

5. This mantra holds good for life and rummy game onlineDo Not Quit

There is not called losing in this game, if you only you learn to not give up! Funs and thrills are what you get when you first win the game as it offers more potential and opportunities to make more money.

Once you pin down your cash in the rummy table shift your focus on winning and it will all play out well!


Be the master of all trades and jack of none that would be my policy!

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